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49ers activate Brandon Aiyuk, D.J. Jones

The 49ers will be at fuller strength when they play their first game as a home team in Arizona on Monday. They announced that wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, defensive tackle

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Environmental exposures can affect therapeutic drugs

Humans are exposed to various environmental or dietary molecules that can attenuate or even increase the effect of therapeutic drugs. Studies on the industrial chemical bisphenol A and the phytoestrogen

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‘I turned my office into a cyclists’ cafe’

As part of our CEO Secrets series, which invites business leaders to share their advice, we are focusing on start-ups that have launched during lockdown, looking at different types of

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Microsoft is testing smaller Windows 10 updates called ‘Feature Experience Packs’

Microsoft’s massive semi-annual (usually) Windows 10 updates are the primary way for the tech giant to deliver new tools and features to the OS’ userbase. However, the company is testing

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Average Brit spends incredible £65k on gadgets in their lifetime, study says

The average adult will spend £65,000 over their lifetime – on gadgets, a new study has revealed. Consumers will each fork out £4,742 on mobile phones, as well as £3,625

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